If something was to go wrong with your car you have the support of the Vale Garage, not a third party warranty insurance company with little interest in helping .

Vale Garage take a lot of pride in presenting our vehicles correctly. Sold with a full service and a new MOT . This means that our vehicles are the best they can be for the age and mileage before you take delivery.

Keeping you and your car on the road is the most important part of our guarantee.

The warranty is a return to site guarantee and repairs can only be undertaken by Vale Garage. The guarantee does not cover recovery so please make sure you have a breakdown policy that offer a recovery service. We are happy to recomend the AA for this service .

All Vehicles sold by Vale Garage come with our own in house 3 or 6 month warranty . For a six month warranty the vehicle must be under Ten years old.

All warranties given exclude fair wear and tear of the following items.

  • Dual Mass Flywheel and Clutch after 60,000 miles on cars
  • Commercial vehicles restricted to  3 months warranty only . 
  • Dual Mass Flywheel and Clutch on all commercial vehicles  used for work purposes hire and reward 
  • Electronic sensors on vehicle over eight years old 
  • Diesel EGR Valves
  • Diesel DPF filters and control system  
  • All wheels and tyres
  • All Serviceable items after the vehicle has been sold  e.g filters,  brake pads , tyres , etc 
  • Air Conditioning systems.
  • Incar entertainment systems.
  • Exhausts systems on vehicles over eight years old.
  • Vehicles used for hire and reward , except at the owners discretion . Please make your enquiry 
  • All Vehicles over ten years old unless agreed and written on the invoice. 

 Any vehicle being returned for repair or refund within 30 days of sale must be returned to vale garage in exactly the same condition is was when purchased . Abuse of the vehicle will not be excepted in any circumstances 

Please be aware. If a non-authorised repairer works on your vehicle without the knowledge and permission from Vale Garage Car Sales your warranty with us  is immediately cancelled. We will not guarantee the work of a third party. It is the responsibility of the owner to return the car to vale garage for repair. We do not offer a recovery service.



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